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Описание товара

Вариант № 5
I. Выберите правильную видовременную форму глагола и переведите полученные предложения.
1. Many machines are known (to power) by tractors.
a) to power
b) to be powered
c) to have been powered
d) to be power
2. In recent years the diesel engine (to become) the accepted power for all British tractors.
a) had become
b) has become
c) became
d) is becoming
3. I came to the farm. The mechanic (to work) there.
a) have worked
b) works
c) worked
d) was working
4. I (to check) the lifting mechanism while my friend is removing wheels to clean.
a) am checking
b) will be checking
c) check
d) to check
5. I (to finish) to lubricate all oiling points by 5 o’clock.
a) will finish
b) will have finished
c) finished
d) finish
6. We cannot begin harvesting grain crops because it (to rain) heavily now.
a) is raining
b) rains
c) rained
d) was raining
7. Some tractor-drawn types (to drive) by the power take-off of the tractor.
a) drive
b) are driven
c) is driven
d) driven
8. The field to be manured (to plow) in autumn.
a) is being plowed
b) is plowed
c) is plowing
d) plow
9. The farm (to receive) new combines. You can see them in the field.
a) receive
b) is received
c) is receiving
d) has received
10. The yields of crops (to increase) since last year.
a) are increased
b) will be increased
c) were increased
d) have been increased

II. Выберите правильную форму модального глагола и переведите полученные предложения.
1. This moldboard ..... be called the stubble type of moldboard.
a) must
b) should
c) may
d) ought to
2. The farmers doubt whether they ..... get high yields of crops on this soil.
a) should
b) must
c) ought to
d) can
3. Maintenance operations .......to be carried out on a continuous basis.
a) have
b) must
c) can
d) may
4. Sophisticated machinery......require highly skilled and trained operators.
a) have to
b) may
c) should
d) can
5. The mechanic ...... check all the equipment but he hadn’t enough time.
a) was able to
b) was allowed to
c) was to
d) had to

III. Дополните предложения Причастием I или Причастием II и переведите на русский язык.
1. ..... many greasing and oiling points the combine harvester requires careful lubrication attention.
a) Having
b) Had
c) Having had
d) Having been had
2. The ground...... with dead grass from the previous crop, one should prevent the old stubble from catching on the guards.
a) covering
b) being covered
c) having covered
d) covered
3. ...... a tractor, dust is the principal cause of rapid wear.
a) Entered
b) Having entered
c) Having been entered
d) Entering
4. The combine ......last week is already in use.
a) buying
b) having bought
c) having been bought
d) bought
5. There are many types of plows and other implements......in preparing land for crops.
a) using
b) having used
c) used
d) use

IV.Переведите следующие предложения с русского языка на английский, используя правильные видовременные формы глаголов.
1.В последнее время принимаются меры по восстановлению сельскохозяйственного машиностроения.
2.Высокая эффективность использования новой сложной техники может быть достигнута только при правильной организации ее использования.
3.Вам следует заменить технику на более совершенную.
4.Компьютеризация машин позволит повысить эффективность работ.
5.Для руководства ремонтом двигателей имеются специальные учебники.
6.Требуется некоторое время для того, чтобы завести двигатель.
7.На работу двигателя повлияла его неудовлетворительная конструкция.
14.Ремонтируя этот двигатель, я должен был часто пользоваться руководством.
15.Магнитное поле, окруженное первичной обмоткой, разрушается.

Дополнительная информация

V. Подставьте вместо пропусков подходящие по смыслу слова и переведите полученные предложения на русский язык.
1. The bearings stop the ....twice for each revolution of the crankshaft.
a) rings
b) piston
c) cylinder
d) engine
2. Wheel tractors are made with three or four......
a) engines
b) frames
c) wheels
d) ploughs
3. A.....is referred to as a utility tractor.
a) general-purpose tractor
b) track-type tractor
c) wheel tractor
d) row-crop type tractor
4. The base or ......of an engine is that part to which all parts of the engine are attached.
a) piston
b) frame
c) crankshaft
d) cylinder
5. The piston pin connects the .....to the piston.
a) bearings
b) engine
c) oil rings
d) connecting rod

VI. Прочитайте текст А и выполните упражнения после текста.
Canada covers all of the North American continent to the North of the USA except Alaska and the small French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon near the Atlantic coast. Canada is washed by three oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. The population of Canada is about 26 million people. The country occupies the territory of 9976 thousand square kilometers. The capital of Canada is Ottawa with the population of more than 300 thousand people....

Задание 1. Задайте вопросы на английском языке и ответьте на них

Задание 2. Перескажите текст, опираясь на заданные вопросы, как на пункты плана.

VII. Переведите текст B с английского языка на русский и ответьте на вопросы.
Reciprocating Engine Parts.
The engines used in tractor are of reciprocating type. Reciprocating parts slide against confining walls or surface such as the cylinder walls.
Piston. Piston rings. The piston is round and cylindrical. It is usually attached to the crankshaft by a rod which leaves it free to move back and forth or up and down in the cylinder. The bearings stop the piston twice for each revolution of the crankshaft. The engine piston is made of cast iron or an alloy of aluminum. The piston of the engine is made to move back and forth in the cylinder owing to the explosion of the fuel mixture. This back-and-forth movement of the piston is transmitted through the connecting rod and crankshaft to the belt pulley, and thus power is generated.
In order that the piston may not leak gases bet

IX. Выполните итоговый тест.
1.Our engineer is here. He ..... .
a) has just come
b) just came
c) is just coming
2.The harrowing .... with harrows.
3.The first tractors ..... for plowing and threshing.
4.The effects of friction......be serious.
5.They ..... a lot of problems since they bought a new tractor.
6.After ....through the filter, the oil travels through oil galleries..
7.In order that the splashing ......take place a “dipper” is provided on the end of the big end cap.
8.Tractors will .... be equipped with oil filters.
9.The tractor operator ..... know the correct oil pressure at which his engine..... run.
10.The engineer ..... repair this harrow yesterday.
11.The type of brakes.....to tractors are usually either internal expanding brakes or disk brakes.
12. .... larger machines they reduce labour costs as the job is completed faster.
13.Among the typical operations .... by the latest tractors there are plowing, cultivating, harrowing, sowing, harvesting and others..
14. Smaller tractors may cause delay in field operations, .....in a lower crop yields.
15. ……farm machinery in top mechanical condition we can improve field working efficiency.
X. Переведите на русский язык и выучите наизусть следующие диалоги.
1.Nan: Who is he?
Jack: He’s my father.
Nan: What’s his name?
Jack: His name is John Adams
Nan: Is he a doctor?
Jack: No, he isn’t.
Nan: Is he a pilot?
Jack: No, he isn’t.
Nan: Where is he from?
Jack: He’s from Great Britain.
Nan: Where are you from?
Jack: I’m from Great Britain, too.
2.- Mr. Soames: Hello. Could I speak to Mr. Blac


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