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Контрольная работа №5
1. Match up the words on the left with their definitions on the right:
1.venture1. silly, worthless
2.to run2. to work, to control, to be in charge of
3.substantial3. cause of action in business of which the result is uncertain
4.to disregard4. to pay no attention, to ignore
5.assets5. valuable, large enough
6.rubbish 6. smth that has value and may be sold to pay a debt
1. contact1. to have knowledge and understanding
2. to vary2. to be, make or become different
3. to create rapport3. the office or place where the people work who control a large organization
4. to decline4. a person who can help
5. headquarter5. to put things right
6. to be aware 6. to refuse politely, to be unwilling

2. Find the antonyms to the words below:
1. merger1. clever
2. rubbish2. to combine, to unite
3. to break up 3. collapse

3. Choose the words from the box and insert them in the sentences. Change their forms if necessary:
3.1 venture merger to take over fringe benefits to run a company to break up
1. In the small company there are no (1) – pension, health insurance or anything like that.
2. If you´re a worker for a small company and if there is a takeover or (2), you may lose your job.
3. If the boss who (3) gets ill, so does the company.
4. Some executives believe that only small dynamic companies can (4) the world.
5. If I was provided with enough (5) capital, I would start my own business.
6. A year ago I lost my job. The firm I worked for (6) into smaller separate companies.

3.2 to decline to look tanned to slip away negotiation coach to mingle with
1. Large percentage of managers during pre-negotiation coffee at a potential client´s headquarters makes their minds (1) the opposite team.
2. She (2) to spend The New Year´s Eve with unknown people.
3. Englishmen don´t like to say "Good-bye", they (3) quietly.
4. People who spent vacation near the sea (4).
5. William Ury is co-author of the world´s most famous book on (5), "Getting to Yes".
6. Many companies in America are run like sport teams with the boss as both captain and (6)

4. Work with your partner and make a dialogue "Advantages and disadvantages of working for a big corporation or small enterprise ". Use the words.
fringe benefits – дополнительные льготы
to take time off – брать отпуск
to go out of business overnight – не работать сутки
productive assets – производственные активы
to disregard – игнорировать
to break up – распадаться
total rubbish – полный вздор
venture – предприятие (рискованное)
to frighten life out of smb – напугать кого-либо до смерти
to issue currency – печатать деньги
to run a company – управлять компанией
substantial resources – важные/существенные ресурсы
cross-border trade – торговля между странами
corporate dinosaur – большая старая компания
merger – слияние компаний
to take over – завоевать

5. Make a monologue. Choose one country from the box bellow and describe the pre-negotiation process.
USA Japan UK Germany Spain and Italy
Use the words.
not to see smb for ages – не видеть кого-либо сто лет
headquarter – штаб-квартира, главный офис
to get to the point – перейти к делу
contact – деловой знакомый
to mingle with – смешиваться
to stick to (with) – оставаться верным
to slip away – уйти не попрощавшись, ускользнуть
to decline – отказаться, отклониться
to tend to – склоняться
flexible attitude – гибкое отношение
counterparts –близнецы
high/low context –высокая /низкая культура
to place great emphasis on – уделять особое внимание
to mess up tight schedule – нарушить плотное расписание/график
admired quality – прекрасное качество
to vary – изменяться
to consider appropriate – считаться подходящим
negotiation (process) – переговоры
adversarial – неблагоприятный
to create rapport – наладить связь
integral part – неотъемлемая часть
coach – наставник, репетитор, тренер
to offend – оскорблять, обижать
boardroom – зал заседаний совета дир


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