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Test 1 (Units 1-3)
I. Put the correct form of the verb in the gaps.
1. A manager always……. in the jobs of his peers.
a) pitch b)pitches c) pitching
2. Export Sales Manager is busy now. He ……. the contract with major clients.
a) is negotiating b) negotiating c) negotiates
3. The Director doesn‟t ……. import-export regulations.
a) checks b) check c) checking
4. Special interest holidays ……… more popular.
a) has become b) become c) are becoming
5. The company currently …… for a person who speaks fluent German.
a) is looking b) has looked c) look
6. …….. he meeting an important customer now?
a) has b) does c) is
7. They …….. already offered a 20% discount on this tour.
a) are b) haven‟t c) have
8. He …….. booked a suite for the family.
a) not b) hasn‟t c) isn‟t

II. Choose the appropriate word to complete these sentences.
1. Mr. Benson has …….. Monday for the meeting with the staff.
a) attended b) devised c) earmarked
2. The Department has made ten workers……… this year.
a) redundant b) spare c) extra
3. Managers …….. with the sales representatives and agents on the detailed implementation.
a) liaise b) bind c) relate
4. They have analysed the time log …….. .
a) not long ago b) last time c) recently
5. The travel agency is working on new …….. .
a) highways b) itineraries c) tracks
6. We offer you …….. holidays at very reasonable prices.
a) package b) parcel c) guided
7. We are …….. all bookings for the next week.
a) banning b) canceling c) stopping
8. Export Sales Managers …….. and develop new business opportunities.
a) deal b) respond c) evaluate

III. Fill in the blanks in these sentences choosing the words from the list below.
1. They ……. large sums for buying new books for the library.
2. The Department never ……… deadlines set by the Management.
3. Has he …….. enough experience of this type of work?
4. The Hotel …….. far short of clients‟ expectations.
5. The tunnel project has already ……… behind schedule.
6. He hasn‟t booked the hotel beforehand and now he has to ……. Rough in the streets.
7. Our client is on a …….. budget, so don‟t offer him this package holiday.
8. She always tries to ……… aside enough time for handling irate customers.

a) allocate
b) set
c) meets
d) tight
e) gained
f) sleep
g) falls
h) fallen

IV. Find a suitable interpretation for the underlined words and word combinations in these sentences.
1. The working day of a manager is consumed by meetings and discussions.
a) is eaten
b) is used
c) is destroyed

2. A man is very good at handling all sorts of machines.
a) dealing with
b) repairing
c) turning

3. For your best business meeting, dinner or management retreat you might want to consider a cruise ship or a private train.
a) a movement away from a place because of danger
b) an act of changing a decision because of criticism
c) a period of time when sb stops their usual activity to do sth else

4. They moved their business to the lucrative Canadian market.
a) low-end
b) cheap
c) making a large profit

5. Many hotels feature conference rooms and other meeting facilities.
a) show
b) include a particular thing as a special feature
c) remove

6. A bank in Chicago charters an American Orient Express luxury train to ply their customers with more than $10 million under management and executives on a leisurely trip.
a) give sth in large amounts
b) look for customers to do business
c) keep asking questions

7. The flight leaves in 20 minutes – we‟ll never make it.
a) survive after it
b) succeed in reaching a place in time, especially when this is difficult
c) be successful in your career

8. Outreach programs give the company delayed gratification.
a) giving the sense of pleasure at a later time
b) expressing thanks
c) bringing more mon


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