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Test 3 (Units 7-9)
I. Put the correct form of the verb in the gaps.
1. Companies ……. seminars for middle management to examine the challenge of working with customers from different cultural backgrounds from January to March last year.
a) are running
b) will have run
c) were running

2. Our intranet ……. contributors from all over the different areas of the country in the future.
a) will have had
b) will have
c) is having

3. A major innovative use of information technology ……. probably ……… the competitive advantage.
a) will gain
b) is gaining
c) will have gained

4. By the year 2030 E-learning ……. more common as an alternative to traditional learning.
a) will be becoming
b) will have become
c) will become

5. I hope transaction-processing systems ……. a major part in the interaction with individuals outside the organization presently.
a) will play
b) has played
c) will be play
6. By 2030 BT researchers ……. computer-generated TV celebrities.
a) will devise
b) will have been devising
c) will have devised
7. I bet large companies …….. marketing strategies to allow for local variations in the future.
a) had developed
b) develop
c) will be developing
8. The hospital ……. Internet-addicts to recover from obsessive computer use this year.
a) has admitted
b) had admitted
c) admitted

II. Choose the appropriate word to complete these sentences.
1. An information system is designed to ……. information.
a) leak b) disseminate c) expand
2. Computer-based information systems produce information that is relevant and …….. .
a) careful b) sharp c) accurate
3. Computers are ……. for modern companies.
a) indispensable b) compelling c) disposable
4. Portable microcomputers are called ……. computers.
a) on top b) top-lap c) lap-top
5. Computers can perform both ……. jobs that are extremely simple or jobs that involve considerable creativity.
a) white collar b) clerical c) manual
6. There are risks of security ……. .
a) flouting b) breaches c) deviations
7. Local markets strive to assert their own ……. .
a) identities b) selfishness c) individualism
8. In the future companies will be running courses on cultural ……. of the employees.
a) senses b) sensibility c) sensitivity

III. Fill in the blanks in these sentences choosing the words from the list below.
1. A computer can tell doctors which questions to ask and which measurements to ……. .
2. You can use your computer to ……. accounts and prepare invoices.
3. The company worker entered the company and planted a program designed to ……. records of sales commissions each month.
4. Hackers can ……. computer networks.
5. A computer virus is a program which replicates itself and surfaces at a predetermined time to ……. disruption.
6. She began to ……. a business plan to fulfill her dream of having a business of her own.
7. She stayed to ……. the learning process.
8. They used cheaper materials that allowed them to ……. the prices.
a) supervise
b) take
c) wipe out
d) cause
e) undercut
f) tamper with
g) put together
h) keep

IV. Find a suitable interpretation for the underlined words and word combinations in these sentences. 1. She sent out over 1000 letters to prospects.
a) chances of success
b) persons who are likely to be successful in business
c) a wide view of an area or land
2. At high-end hotels new computer systems keep track of guests‟ preferences and change the room conditions automatically.
a) expensive and of high quality
b) remote
c) unapproachable
3. Sensors in refrigerators will alert maids when the minibar is low on drinks.
a) wake sb up
b) warn sb about an urgent situation
c) frighten
4. Appliances linked to home networks can be programmed to adjust to a home owners‟ likes and dislikes.
a) machines designed to do a particular thing in th

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4. Appliances linked to home networks can be programmed to adjust to a home owners‟ likes and dislikes.
a) machines designed to do a particular thing in the home
b) extras
c) software

5. We won‟t put really sensitive information about our company.
a) easily reached
b) able to measure very small changes
c) personal, secret

6. With the help of chat rooms I will track down people I was at school with.
a) to find sb after searching in several places
b) to follow the progress or development
c) to follow the marks

7. Using an off-the-shelf applications software package will make it possible to implement a new system much sooner.
a) not wanted
b) sth that can be bought immediately, doesn‟t have to be specially designed or ordered
c) new

8. The Export Sales Director will be developing existing sales outlets and establishing new ones in the Mediterranian area.
a) a way of expressing strong feelings
b) money that you have to spend
c) shop, store


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