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Test 4 (Units 10-13)
I. Put the correct form of the verb in the gaps.
1. Employees ……. in for an informal interview now.
a) are being asked
b) ask
c) have asked

2. If the sponsors hadn‟t provided the strong backing for the innovations, they ……. be feasible now.
a) would have been
b) will have been
c) wouldn‟t be

3. Sixteen candidates ……. before the end of the month.
a) had been short-listed
b) have been short-listed
c) were listed

4. The Personnel Department ……. soon.
a) will reorganize
b) will have been reorganized
c) will be reorganizing

5. He said that new posts ……. in the „Situations Vacant‟ column.
a) are being advertised
b) were being advertised
c) were advertising

6. The General Manager replied that the redundancy pay ……. to workers the day before.
a) had given
b) was given
c) had been given

7. We ……. be able to do business with you if you didn‟t foster innovation. a) wouldn‟t b) wouldn‟t have
a) hadn‟t
8. He explained that if the goods were faulty, customers ……. either cancel the purchase or ask for a complete replacement.
b) will
c) can
d) could

II. Choose the appropriate word to complete these sentences.
1. The Marketing Manager pointed out that the ……. stores had branches in most British towns of importance.
a) link b) chain c) ring
2. The ……. consultant explained to the customer that there was a check-out point and a cash-desk at the exit.
a) floor b) hall c) shop 108
3. She asked if her friend knew about ……. shopping.
a) case b) window c) counter
4. Customers always look for ……. .
a) decrease b) contracts c) bargains
5. The shelves were well ……. with a very wide selection of attractively packed goods.
a) stuffed b) filled c) stocked
6. The woman in the shop carefully put her ……. and the change into her purse.
a) receipt b) cheque c) invoice
7. A defendant might be ….. in the courts of either the place where the damage occurred or the place where the event giving rise to the damage occurred.
a) brought b) filed c) sued
8. If they hadn‟t encouraged innovation in their organization, they wouldn‟t have ……. a new worthwhile product.
a) come on b) come up with c) put up with

III. Fill in the blanks in these sentences choosing the words from the list below.
1. If the idea champions hadn‟t ……. ideas in others they would have lost to their competitors.
2. If the middle managers obtained the necessary funding for the development of the innovation, the implementation of the project wouldn‟t be ……. .
3. The company would never have been successful, if the idea champions hadn‟t been ……. with their idea.
4. How a product is ……. can vary from market to market.
5. Manufacturers should be ……. for a product‟s safety.
6. The process of innovation is closely ……. with entrepreneurial role in organizations.
7. Telegrams in America are sure to be ……. by private companies.
8. Fantasy analogies require imagining the most ideal solution, no matter how far ……., and then adjusting the fantasy so that it is more feasible.

a) held liable
b) handled
c) delayed
d) fetched
e) nurtured
f) obsessed
g) allied
h) consumed

IV. Find a suitable interpretation for the underlined words and word combinations in these sentences.
1. Even sacked detectives begging forgiveness couldn‟t really comfort the customer.
a) dismissed from a job
b) with bags over their heads
c) robbed
2. A customer may still be entitled to some compensation.
a) given the right to get
b) called
c) supported
3. You can claim the money from the shop if you spent it as a direct result of goods being faulty.
a) say that it is true
b) complain
c) demand, ask for
4. Managers ought to talk with employees about their concerns.
a) company
b) problems/worries
c) desire to p

Дополнительная информация

5. Unemployed people receive supplementary benefits, the official term for the dole.
a) unemployment
b) part
c) money paid by the state to the unemployed

6. If you won £250,000 on the‟pools‟, would you carry on with your present job?
a) group of people available for work when needed
b) game
c) an area of still water

7. Managers try to attract more customers and by doing so increase the store traffic.
a) the number of customers
b) the number of cars near the shop
c) the movement of customers in the shop

8. Department stores help their customers spread the costive purchases over several months.
a) arrange them so that they cover a large area
b) be known by more people
c) divide the cost between different times


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