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Описание товара

Контрольная работа № 4
Вариант С
I.Закончите предложения, употребив существительные, образованные от следующих глаголов: to invent, to improve, to depend, to assist и переведите их.
9. In 1873 Lodygin demonstrated his … .
10. Edison worked at the … of the incandescent lamp.
11. Edison was so famous as an … that people thought there was nothing he could do.
12. Masses of people were released from their … on oil and gas lamps for light.
13. In the new laboratory Edison employed a large number of research … .

III. Выберите предложение, в котором Participle II выполняет роль определения и переведите его:
14. The improvement of the incandescent lamp interested Edison greatly.
15. The tungsten filament heated by an electric current radiates light.
16. When appeared first, Lodygin’s lamp attracted Edison’s attention.

IV. Выберите правильный перевод выделенных слов с суффиксом –ing:
17. In building atomic power stations we have to solve many problems.
а) строя в) построенные с) построив
18. Considering different metal filaments in the purpose of our work.
а) рассматривая в) рассмотрение с) рассмотрев
19. Solving this problem we used the new approach.
а) решая в) решение с) решив

V. Выберите подходящие по смыслу причастия, предлагаемые в скобках Предложения переведите:
20. The physics laboratory moved to a new house specially built \ building for it.
21. Having performed \ Performing the experiment, they studied new investigation.
22. The work being done \ doing showed clear deviation ( отклонение ) from practical problems.
23. Tungsten is the very metal used \ using for production lamp filaments.

VI. Выберите и переведите предложения, содержащие независимый причастный оборот.
24. When examined titanium proved to be the metal with promising properties.
25. Several theories have been advanced to explain this phenomenon, the best theory being the theory developed by a well-known scientist.
26. After the professor had left the laboratory, the experiment was over.
27. The investigation having been made, we obtained good results.

VI. Найдите условные предложения второго типа (Second Conditional ) и переведите их на русский язык:
28. If there is no snow, we’ll go walking.
29. If I had a lot of money, I wouldn’t buy a big house.
30. If he had a car, he would give you a lift.
31. If she doesn’t make any friends, she’ll watch TV.
32. If they get lost in a snowstorm, the rescue team will save them.

VII. Переделайте предложения. Вместо will + perhaps употребите глагол might:
33. Perhaps I’ll get a Play station for my birthday.
34. I’m a bit worried – perhaps Dave won’t phone me tonight.

VIII. Вставьте нужный глагол вместо точек в предложение:
35. John, …. up! Can you hear a noise downstairs?
36. Don’t worry about the baby. I’ll …. after her while you are out.
37. I used to smoke, but I …. up last year.
38. I’m …. for the car keys. Have you seen them anywhere?
(gave, wake, look, looking, turn )

IX. Найдите предложение, в котором употреблено Present Perfect Continuous, и переведите его на русский язык:
39. We have found a new house to buy.
40. I have been working in the garden since morning.
41. Have you ever been to Moscow?

X. Переведите предложение из прямой речи в косвенную:
41. “I’ll ring you this evening,” Anna told Jim.

Понимание прочитанного
Прочитайте текст, вдумайтесь в его содержание, постарайтесь понять его, чтобы выполнить задания после текста:
Incandescent lamps
1. The creation of the first incandescent lamp is closely connected with the name of the well-known Russian scientist and inventor A. N. Lodygin. He laid the foundation for producing the present day incandescent lamps that are much more economical than the lamps with carbon electrodes. Lodygin was the first to turn a laboratory device into a means of electric lighting. He was also the first inventor to discover the advantages of

Дополнительная информация

2. Lodygin’s great achievements paved the way for further successful work of a number of other Russian electrical engineers. His parents gave him a military education but military service did not interest him at all. So, he resigned soon and devoted all his time to the study of engineering and technical problems solving.
3. In 1872 Lodygin constructed a number of incandescent lamps, these first lamps consisting of a glass bulb with a carbon rod serving as a filament. In 1873 he produces an improved lamp having two carbon electrodes instead of one and a longer life. That very year Lodygin demonstrated his invention in several Petersburg streets, lighting them by means of his electric lamps. It was the first practical application of the incandescent lamp for lighting purpose. Lots of people went out into the streets to see electric light for the first time in their life as a matter of fact, for the first time in the world.
4. Lodygin was never satisfied with his achievements and continued to perfect his inventions. Indeed, a more perfect lamp designed by him appeared in 1875. The interest in Lodygin’s lamp greatly increased. In 1877, a Russian officer showed Lodygin’s lamp to the famous American inventor Edison. Edison, with his usual energy set to work improving the lamp and later patented incandescent lamp with a carbon filament. However, even an American court ruled that Edison was not the inventor of the incandescent lamp and this is also stated in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the most authoritative work of referents in the Anglo-Saxon world.
5. However, under very hard economic conditions existing in tsarist Russia he got neither help nor the necessary support for realizing his plans. He himself was practically without money, having spent all he had on his numerous experiments. Lodygin’s study of metal filaments having a high melting point is a work of world importance. It is he, who introduced tungsten filaments in vacuum. He received a patent for his invention in America. Tungsten is still considered to be the very metal that should be used for filament production. The electric lamps that light your room every evening doubtless have tungsten filaments. Lodygin died on the 16th of March, 1923 at the age of 76. Death carried away a great Russian scientist, the first to have used the incandescent lamp as a means of lighting.

I. Какое из данных утверждений выражает основную идею текста:
1.Lodygin’s contribution to the development of incandescent lamps.
2.Advantages and disadvantages of different lamp filaments.
3.The efficiency of incandescent lamps.

II. Соответствуют ли данные утверждения содержанию текста:
1.Lodygin worked in the field of electrical engineering.
2.Lodygin combined military service with studying engineering.
3.Lodygin was the first to use the incandescent lamp for lighting.
4.Two great inventors played a prominent part in the development of incandescent lamp.
5.The Russian government supported Lodygin because of the importance of his invention.

III. Есть ли в тексте ответы на поставленные вопросы? Если да, то укажите номер абзаца, в котором находится ответ.
1.What another Russian scientist worked in electrical engineering?
2.Who is the founder of the modern incandescent lamp?
3.Did Lodygin want to serve in the army?
4.What was the structure of the first lamps?
5.How many electrodes did an improved lamp have?
6.Where was the invention demonstrated?
7.In what countries was this invention also demonstrated?
8.Was Lodygin satisfied with the results of his work?
9.What famous American inventor worked at the improving the lamp?
10.Did Lodygin patent his invention?

IV.Ответьте письменно на вопросы к тексту:
1.When did Lodygin demonstrate his invention?
2.When and how did Edison learn about the Lodygin’s lamp?
3.What metal is used for filaments now?

V.Переведите письменно 3 и 4 абзацы.


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