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Описание товара

Грамматический тест №3
Вариант 2

I. Определите видовременную форму глагола в следующих предложениях.
1. A competitor has illegally copied our technology.
a. Present Continuous
b. Present Simple
c. Present Perfect

2. The shareholders will receive more money.
a. Present Continuous
b. Future Simple
c. Present Perfect

3. The company didn’t foresee potential problems.
a. Future Simple
b. Past Simple
c. Present Perfect

4. Attorneys are suing the company for negligence.
a. Present Continuous
b. Present Perfect
c. Present Simple

5. We provide a complete range of banking services to individuals.
a. Future Simple
b. Present Simple
c. Present Perfect

II. Соотнесите видовременную форму страдательного залога в первой колонке с соответствующим названием во второй колонке.
1. is sold
a) Present Continuous Active
2. will sell b) Present Simple Active
3. was sold c) Past Simple Active
4. has been sold d) Future Simple Active
5. is being sold e) Present Perfect Active
6. have sold f) Present Continuous Passive
7. are selling g) Future Simple Passive
8. will be sold
9. sell
10. sold h) Present Perfect Passive
i) Present Simple Passive
j) Past Simple Passive

III. Выберите правильный вариант перевода сказуемых в предложениях:
1. The profit is distributed as a dividend.
a. распределен
b. распределяется
c. будет распределен

2. The country’s energy demand was underestimated significantly last year.
a. будет недооценен
b. недооценивают
c. был недооценен

3. It’s certain that the replacement energy source will be discovered.
a. был обнаружен
b. будет обнаружен
c. обнаружен

4. All accounting problems were solved two months ago.
a. были решены
b. будут решены
c. решаются

5. The finance year is divided into four quarters.
a. делится
b. был поделен
c. будет поделен

IV. Определите правильную форму глагола в страдательном залоге.
1. The yesterday meeting (to attend) by all the shareholders.
a. is attended
b. was attended
c. will be attended

2. The new product (to launch) currently.
a. is being launched
b. is launched
c. has been lunched

3. Interns (to pay) and they also pay their own travel and living costs.
a. are not paid
b. were not paid
c. is not paid

4. The design (to approve) yet.
a. was not approved
b. has not been approved
c. is approved

5. This question (to discuss) tomorrow morning.
a. is discussed
b. was discussed
c. will be discussed

6. The buses (to equip) with the latest safety controls recently.
a. have been equipped
b. were equipped
c. are equipped

V. Выберите правильную видовременную форму глагола-сказуемого в Active или Passive Voice.
1. The special commission (to appoint) by the bank.
a. has appointed
b. have appointed
c. has been appointed

2. The company (to oblige) to disclose financial information soon.
a. will oblige
b. will be obliged
c. are obliged

3. The entrepreneurs (to decide) to invest in the manufacturing sector.
a. have decided
b. has decided
c. have been decided

4. The success of the new brand (to demonstrate) in this diagram.
a. is demonstrated
b. are demonstrated
c. demonstrated

5. Many brands (to damage) by negative publicity.
a. has damaged
b. have been damaged
c. have damaged

6. The consultants (to give) all the information yesterday.
a. give
b. gave
c. were given

VI. Определите правильный вспомогательный глагол в предложениях во временах Active или Passive:
1. Toshiba ... increasing production of its popular line of laptops.
a. is
b. did
c. are

2. The company ... outsourced all their financial operations.
a. has
b. has been

Дополнительная информация

3.Our training courses ... customised to suit all specific needs.
4.The new software system ... installed two months ago.
5.Last week’s meeting ... not very productive.
6.... you see the manager yesterday?

VII . Определите функцию причастия I.
1.Both sides ended up arguing and justifying themselves.
2.We really see businesses getting more and more powerful.
3.We’re all making pretty much the same product.
a. определение b. обстоятельствоc. часть сказуемого

4.A lot of women have got fed up waiting for promotion.
5.The prospects for Micro-GYM are exciting.

VIII. Выберите правильный перевод причастия I.
1.Anyone requiring access to the building should speak to their manager.
2.It is the largest company in Finland playing a significant role in the national economy.
3.He worked effectively as a member of a team helping the company to increase productivity.
4. It’s now one of the fastest growing markets.
5. Online sales in Italy are increasing slowly.

IX . Определите функцию причастия II.
1.Women have longer paid maternity leave in Finland than Italy.
2.I worked in shared office.
3.I and my colleagues were given practical tips.
4.They may lose the capital invested in the company.
5.When asked they couldn’t answer what was wrong.

X. Выберите правильный перевод причастия II.
1.I prefer working in a private isolated office.
2.Staff has to be free to express their opinions, which will result in improved communication.
3. The new manager has not been appointed yet.
4. Nike has sponsored top teams and athletes to make its brand known all over the world.
5. Changes in technology can have impact in unexpected ways.

XI. Выберите правильную форму причастия.
1.It became a successful business ... many products.
2.All Google engineers have 20% time ... to projects.
3.If I go for a job interview, I expect to be ... the usual questions.
4.You can view competitive exchange rates for all the... currencies on this site.
5.Azte is a ... company that provides next day delivery.

XII. Заполните пропуски в предложениях соответствующими союзными словами:
1.I was very proud ... I delivered the final results to my manager.
2.My business Spanish has improved a lot ... I’ve had to learn lots of business words.
3.Think about ... you can learn from the experience.
4.These companies have shares ... can be bought and sold by the public.
5.At first the company was based in a wooden building ... they fitted engines to bicycles.

XIII. Прочитайте текст и укажите, верны (True) или нет (False) следующие за ним утверждения.
Martha Glass: I´m thirty-nine years old and I´m a doctor. I chose the medical profession because I wanted to help people and at the same time make good money. When I was younger I wanted to become a teacher or a nurse, but I soon realized there wasn´t much money in either of those professions. My parents almost didn´t help me, because they didn´t want me to have a career at all. They wanted me to do what so many other girls did. They wanted me to become a secretary, marry the boss, have kids and stay at home. Well, I got married, and I had kids, but I have my career as well.
Billy Walles: I left school when I was sixteen. I didn´t have any qualification. I just wanted to earn some money. I got a job in a factory. I didn´t mind being a blue-collar worker. All I wanted was enough money to take my girlfriend out on a Saturday night. But then they got robots in to do my job and I was out of work. I was out of work for sixteen months. It´s terrible being unemployed. The days seem so long. I finally got a job as an unskilled labourer, working for a builder. I´m twenty-five now. I suppose I should go to night classes and get some extra training so that I can earn more money as a skilled worker can.
George Rushton: I´m a businessman. I´m fifty years old and I´ve been w


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