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Описание товара

Грамматический тест №4
Вариант 2
I.Выберите соответствующую видо-временную форму.
1.I ... to lots of job interviews since I graduated from the university.
a.will be b.amc.have been
2.This company... only last year.
a.will be founded b.was founded c.is founded
3.Many people... job interviews stressful.
a.has found b.find c.finds
4. The company … a new marketing campaign last week.
a.launch b.will launch c.launched
5.We currently … several acquisitions.
6.More than 40 new jobs … by this family business last year.
7. ...you ever the website of our company?
8.He … a CEO when he was 25.
9.I really ... discussing money problems.
10.I thought about your proposal and I think we … it.

II. Выберите форму инфинитива (с частицей “to” или без нее) или герундия.
1. What position would you like ...?
a.to apply for
b.applying for
c.apply for
2. Are you keen on ... professional journals?
b.to read
3. Stop... the speaker!
a.to interrupt
4. Alice enjoys... part-time.
5. They insist on ... the loan as soon as possible.
6. Our manager avoids ... any questions about restructuring.
7. She has given up... for this company.
8. We want ...our sales goals.
9. The employer is ready... the changes in the company policy.
10. The Production Department promised ... the efficiency.

III. Выберите правильный перевод.
1. To excel in this job, you need to be both customer-oriented and goal-focused.
a.Чтобы преуспеть на данной работе, вы должны быть и клиентоориентированны и уметь добиваться целей.
b.Чтобы закончить данную работу, вам нужно ориентировать на клиента и добиться цели.
2. To become a successful manager one should acquire management and leadership skills.
a.Став успешным менеджером нужно приобретать навыки управления и руководства.
b.Нужно приобрести навыки управления и руководства, чтобы стать преуспевающим менеджером.
3. To reduce unemployment the government offered to shorten work hours.
a.Сокращая безработицу, правительство сократило свои рабочие часы.
b.Чтобы сократить уровень безработицы, правительство предложило сократить часы работы.
4. To improve profitability one should increase turnover.
a.Чтобы повысить рентабельности нужно увеличить товарооборот.
b.Чтобы повысить рентабельности нужно нанять новых сотрудников.
5. To reduce overhead costs our employer decided to move the office.
a.Чтобы снизить накладные расходы наш работодатель решил поменять местоположение офиса.
b.Чтобы снизить накладные расходы наш работодатель решил переехать в офис.

IV. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую структуре “Сложное дополнение” (Complex Object).
1. I expect you ... all the relevant data and prepare a short presentation by next Tuesday.
2. We want... to build her own team for this project.
3. Everybody knows ... to be an excellent decision maker.
4. I heard ... approve our expense report.
5. We encouraged ... to work independently.

V. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую структуре “Сложное подлежащее” (Complex Subject).
1 .She seems ... all about performance management.
2. They are expected ... the sales by 7 %.
3. The delegation is reported ... in London.
4. This brand is considered ... one of the most distinctive.
5. This is supposed ... the most challenging project.

VI. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условному предложению 1 типа.
1. If you have good education and experience, you ... a job quickly.
2. I believe, if he adds information about his language skills to his CV, he ... to the job interview.
3. If you work overtime, you ... more.
4. If your conditions … competitive, we will place the order.
5. If we hire more people, we … the order on time.

Дополнительная информация

VII. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условному предложению 2 типа.
1. If I were you, I … this job right now.
b. would accept
c. will accept

2. I think, if our company moved to a different city, I … .
a. would relocate
b. relocate
c. will relocate

3. If I could have my boss’s job, I … make lots of changes.
a. make
b. would make
c. will make

4. If our company … more risks, we would be much more successful.
a. takes
b. take
c. took

5. If I … flexible hours, I would start my own business on the side.
a. could work
b. can work
c. work

VIII. Выберите грамматическую форму, соответствующую условным предложениям 1 или 2 типа.
1.We … our order, if you don’t deliver the goods by Friday.
2.If you studied English at school, you ... a job with our office in Brighton.
3.If they know their target audience, their profits ... .
4.If he had good education, he ... a job quickly.
5.If you pay now, you… a 5% discount.

IX. Выберите соответствующий глагол, вводящий косвенную речь.
1. Mike’s boss ... him he would get a pay rise.
a. said
b. told
c. asked
2. She ... she had been invited for a job interview.
a. said
b. told
c. asked
3. Margaret... she would help us with the promotion campaign.
a. asked
b. promised
c. requested
4. The HR manager ... that the company will make 100 employees redundant.
5. The accountant ... if I would take part in the company pension scheme.

X. Прочитайте текст и укажите, верны (True) или нет (False) следующие за ним утверждения.
How to select the best candidates – and avoid the worst
Investing thousands of pounds in the recruitment and training of each new graduate recruit may be just the beginning. Choosing the wrong candidate may leave an organization paying for years to come.
Few companies will escape all of the following failures: people who panic at the first sign of stress; those with long impressive qualifications list who seem incapable of learning; people who avoid fulfilling their duties; unstable people and people late discovered to be thieves.
Less dramatic, but just as much a problem, is the person who simply does not come up to the expectations, who is not reliable, who never becomes “high-flyer” or even a usual performer.
The first point you should remember at the recruitment stage is that people do not change. Intelligence levels decline modestly, but change little over their working life. The same is true of abilities, such as learning languages and handling numbers.
Most people like to think that personality can change – especially such negative features as impulsiveness, low esteem or lack of emotional warmth. But data collected over 50 years give a clear message: still the same stable figures after all these years. Skills can be improved, and new ones introduced but at rather different rates. People can be sent onto training courses, lectures, or experimental weekends. But there is a cost to all of this, which may be much higher than the price of the course. Better to select for what you actually see rather than attempt to change it.
From the Financial Times

1. Recruitment and training are expensive processes.
a. Trueb. False
2. Choosing the first available candidate may leave an organization paying for years to come.
a. Trueb. False
3. Companies never face problems when recruiting new candidate.
a. Trueb. False
4. People change easily and quickly.
a. Trueb. False
5. Such ability as learning foreign languages improves very quickly during working life.
a. Trueb. False


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