Control tasks №1 English, option 1

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Control tasks №1
Option I
1. Spread the word data at 4 basic types of reading unstressed vowels.
Card, here, tune, Kate, shy, term, lord, during, more, care, nice, Pete, run, hot, myth, pick, turn, pole, cat, type, girl, pet, hire

2. Rewrite the following sentences. Define by gram-matic features, which are part of speech the word, decorated ending -s and what function it performs end, ie whether it is:
a) the performance of the 3rd person singular of the verb in the Present Indefinite;
b) indication of the plural noun.
c) indication of the possessive case of a noun. Turn suggestions on the Russian language.
1. The North Sea lies to the east.
2. The Lowland zone is a plain with slow flowing rivers.
3. Most of London s places of interest are situated to the north of the river Thames.

3. Write the following words, numerals and date.
a) 2.12 20
b) The second, twelfth, twentieth
c) October 4, 1709

4. Write the comparative and superlative adjectives following
a) small
b) good
c) beautiful

5.Perepeshite proposal. Select English equivalents pronouns specifying the desired letter.
1. He was 18 years old.
a) his b) him c) he
2. Give him a glass of water
a) he b) his c) him
3. They are not at home
a) their b) they c) them
4. This is their home
a) them b) they c) their
5. They visited them yesterday
a) they b) them c) their

6. Change the verb in the sentence, depending on the circumstances of the time.
I study English every day (right now, already, yesterday, when he came, by 5 o'clock yesterday, tomorrow)

7. Set the following groups of words, paying attention to the suffixes:
high - higher - highest; four - fourth - fourteen - forty;
care - careful - careless; practice - practical - practicable - practically; to work -work - worker - works; equip - equipping - equipped - equipment

8. Write down the text of the proposal, marked with an asterisk. Put questions to each member offers.

9. Read the text. Rewrite and translate the writing title and paragraph 3.4.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1. The UK is situated on the British Isles and located off the north western coast of mainland Europe. It consists of four geographic and historic parts - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The names UK, Great Britain and England are often confused even by. Their inhabitants: Great Britain comprises England, Scotland and Wales while the UK also includes Northern Ireland.
2. The territory is 94,251 sq. miles (244.110 sq. km) and traditionally divided into Highland and Lowland zone. The Highlands is a mountainous area. The highest summit is Ben Nevis only 4.406 feet (1343 meters). The Lowland zone is a plain with slow flowing rivers. The longest river is the Thames (354 km).
3. Apart from the land border with the Irish Republic the UK is surrounded by water. Its climate is broadly determined by seas. It is not very cold in winter and never very hot in summer. All parts of the British Isles get a lot of rain in all seasons. There arc often thick fogs. The weather changes very fast *. The change ability of the weather not-only season by season, but day by day and even hour by hour had had a profound effect on British art and literature. The climate is much more severe in those parts of Scotland which are not far from the Arctic Circle.
4. The UK is a highly industrialized country. Until quite recent times its main exports were coal and textiles. During the present generation there has been a great change in the structure of the British industry. With the increase of use of oil the demand for coal has fallen, textile industry has also suffered a great fall. On the other hand British exports of machinery, vehicles and electrical goods have vastly increased. Automobile factories, electronic equipment, chemical products - all this make the UK one of the leading countries in the world c

Additional information

5.Agriculture is one of the most important activities in the country, four-fifths of the land is devoted to it. One of the main branches is dairy-farming, its products are famous all over the world. Pig and poultry farms are common in all parts of Britain.
A considerable number of people are engaged is sheep growing, fishing, etc. But Britain herself provides only half of the food she needs.
6.The population of the United Kingdom is about sixty million people of various nationalities. The capital is London. Other big important cities are Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, etc. By any standards the U.K. must be regarded as the, most urbanized community. Of every 10 people in the U.K. nine live in towns. Politically, the U.K. is a parliamentary monarchy with strong democratic traditions nominally the country is ruled by the King or the Queen. But in fact, the real head of the state is the Prime-Minister.


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