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Описание товара

Учебник Т.Ю. Дроздовой. Задание – выполнить в отдельной тетради следующие упражнения:
- упр. 2 (I, II), стр. 73; упр. 15, стр. 77 (на времена);
- упр. 1, стр. 103 (I); упр. 2, стр. 104 (Прямая/Косвенная речь, Согласование времен);
- упр. 13, стр. 115 (Страдательный залог);
- упр. 1 (I), стр. 331

- упр. 2 (I, II), стр. 73 (на времена);
Put the verb in brackets into the Past Indefinite, the Past Continuous, the Past Perfect and the Past Perfect Continuous.
I. (A, B)
1. Where you (go) when I (meet) you in the street yesterday? – I (go) to tell the watch-maker that he (forget) to send my watch. 2. This, however, (enable) him to add some ideas which he (omit) in the first copy. 3. They (decide) to rebuild the church when they (find) that the cement used (begin) to crumble. 4. He (be) so ill that he (find) himself unable to complete the work he (begin). 5. She (turn) the light back on, (lie) on the sofa and (take) up the book she (read). 6. His secretary (take) the paper from the table where he (put) it, and (go) out. 7. It (be) near midnight when they (come) in from dinner, still laughing at something he (say) in the dinning-room. 8. It (be) two o’clock. Eliza (be) suddenly thoroughly awake. She (sit) up in her bed and (circle) her knees with her arms. It (rain), the way it (rain) for days. 9. In his turn Jolyon (look) back at his son. He (want) to talk about many things that he (be) unable to talk about all these years. 10. She (be) at the station after all, standing just as he (imagine), apart from the others. 11. He (come) back on Saturday, as he (promise). They all (wait) for him in the sitting-room. When he (enter) everybody (rush) forward to him to embrace and hug him in greeting. 12. The state of his clothes indicated that he (play) football in the muddy field.
II. (B, C)
1. The woman (busy) herself with cooking, while the man (slice) bacon and (fire) the stove. 2. He was up before the sun on the last day. A gale from the west (blow) all night, making him wakeful. 3. It (be) a cold, harsh, winter day. There (be) snow some hours before, and it (lie), not deep, but hard-frozen on the ground. 4. He (try) to catch what they (say), but they (be) too far from him and (speak) in very low voices.5. As the wet twilight (deepen), I (stop) in a solitary bridle-path, which I (pursue) an hour or more.6. He (not/be) so much surprised to see me as I (expect).7. I (go) to bed and (fall) asleep, when my guardian (knock) at the door of my room and (beg) me to get up directly.8. I (have) a wash and brush-up before starting out to go to the luncheon Elliot (invite) me to, when they (ring) up from the reception to say that he (be) below. 9. Mrs Bedwin, who (listen) at the parlour door, (hasten) into the corridor in a breathless state.10. Sara (be right) in her prediction. Madam Sharon’s face (be) a picture the next morning when she (find) out that Sara (go).

упр. 15, стр. 77 (на времена);
Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Indefinite, the Future Indefinite, the Past Indefinite, the Past Continuous, the Past Perfect and the Future-in-the-Past.
It (be) Ashley’s birthday and Melanie (give) him a surprise reception that night.
Everyone (know) about the reception, except Ashley. Even his children (know). Everyone in the town who (be) nice (be invited). General Gordon and his family graciously (accept) the invitation. Alexander Stephens (say) he (be) present if his ever-uncertain health (permit). Scarlett never (see) Melanie so excited or so happy.
"You see, dear, Ashley (not/have) a birthday party since we (come) here. And he (work) so hard and he (be) so tired. When he (get) home at night he (be) surprised when everybody (come) in!" Melanie´s house (blaze) lights from every room. It (be packed) with guests. They (overflow) on verandas and many (

Дополнительная информация

- упр. 1, стр. 103 (I) (Прямая/Косвенная речь);
I. (A) Put the following into Indirect Speech.
1. I asked my friend, “How do you feel after your holiday”?
2. “Ernie’s an educated man,” remarks Florrie.
3. “John never seems low or depressed,” says Jane.
4. Jack´s father asked him, “Who are you writing a letter to?”
5. “Jack is on the terrace. He is playing chess with his brother,” says Nelly.
6. I saw a cloud of smoke and asked, “What is burning?”
7. “I can´t understand what he is talking about,” replies Bessie.
8. I asked her, “Who gave you that watch?”
9. “I’ll tell you when I´ll be back,” Nora says to Jack.
10. Mr Nyman asked his wife, “How much do you spend on food every week?”
11. “You have known me long,” Barbara says to Martha.
12. “You´re the best assistant I´ve ever had, Sheppey,” he says.
13. Henry asked Tom, “Who did you visit in the hospital?”
14. “He was born in Moscow,” she says.
15. “We didn´t have dinner there,” the boy says.
16. “I was so thrilled and excited by the opera,” Stella says to Maurice.
17. “When I came Jane was playing the piano,” says Kitty.
18. “When the doorbell rang I was writing a letter to John,” says George.

упр. 2, стр. 104 (Согласование времен);
1. She (hear) the band playing and she (know) that in a few moments the curtain (go) up.
2. Myra (think) he (prefer) to be by himself.
3. I (hear) from your mother that you (be) late and so I (order) coffee and sandwiches.
4. Mrs Streep (ask) him if he (have) dinner there.
5. The old man (ask) me if I (have) parents.
6. He (be) very sorry for Jennie, and he (tell) his wife that he (have) to go out and see her.
7. And the other day I (have) a letter from him saying he (be) in Moscow soon.
8. I (say) I (be) back by nine o´clock.
9. You (promise) you (try) to persuade him to stay on for a bit.
10. In a few words I (tell) him what (happen).
11. She (ask) me if I (live) long in that town.
12. When I (ring) her that evening she (say) she (not like) to discuss those problems on the phone.
13. That evening she (tell) me (be) at the hotel number, and about half past eight I (dial) that number, but there (be) no answer.
14. I (put) the papers back where they (belong), (tell) the manager I (do) no clipping or tearing, (return) to the hotel, (treat) myself to a glass of milk in the coffee shop, and (go) to bed.
15. He (write) that he (come) to lunch the following day.

- упр. 13, стр. 115 (Страдательный залог);
13 (C) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form in the Active or in the Passive
1. Each of the children (receive) a due share of Mrs Gerhardt´s attention. The little baby closely (look) after by her.
2. From the clink of dishes one could tell the supper (prepare).
3. The front door of his house (unlock) as he (leave) it.
4. Mrs Fripp (come) to inform her that dinner already (serve).
5. His phrase (greet) by a strange laugh from a student who (sit) near the wall.
6. A note (bring) in, addressed to Eleanor, and (put) on the table to await her.
7. When the door (close), old Jolyon (drop) his paper, and (stare) long and anxiously in front of him.
8. To his knowing eyes the scene below easily (explain).
9. The door (shut) behind him.
10. Finally, his name (call), and the boy (push) forward to her.
11. Finally he (persuade) by Bass to go away.
12. But when autumn (come) the cows (drive) home from the grass.
13. At lunch was nothing (discuss) but the latest news.
14. "Will you work on this new job all your life?" The question (ask) with sincere interest.
15. She (tap) on the door. John (open) it.
16. Look! There´s nothing here. Everything (take) away.

- упр. 1 (I), стр. 331
Ex. 1. (A, B). Translate the sentences from English into Russian, paying special attention to the function of the Participle in the sentence.
1. The boy playing in the garden is my sister’s son.
2. You can get the recommended book in the library.
3. He asked her to go on with her story, promising not t


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