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I. State the function of each modal in the sentences.
1.You may order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2.Could I have a small advance on my salary?
3.I have nothing against people making money, but they ought to pay taxes on it.
4.Do I have to wait in all day for my delivery?
5.All products should match the needs and lifestyles of consumers.
6.The government is to provide more money on job creation.
7.The number of casinos in the UK might almost double to about 200, industry analysts say.
8.Would you excuse me for five minutes? I need to make a call to head office.
9.Rebuilding the house must have cost a small fortune.
10.In the State of California, all real property is taxable and shall be assessed at fair market.

II. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
1.a / bank / should / keep / you / your / in / savings.
2.your / number / can / give / you / credit / me / card?
3.tomorrow / in / your / return / by / you / have / to / fill / tax.
4.can’t / buy / things / there / are / money / some.
5.a briefing / to / month / we / attend / had / a / once.
6.shall / you / to / cheque / out / I / the / make?
7.to / online / a / use / card / book / you / must / credit.
8.his / number / remember / he / couldn’t / account.
9.we / manage / someone / employ / to / production / should.
10.Internet / may / place / you / by telephone / or / on / your / the / order.

III. Alan Sheldon, head of the London office of a new budget airline says, “It can’t be this week. It’ll have to be next week.” Fill in can’t or ’ll have to in the following sentences.
1.There’s been a change. We ... have the meeting in Milan. It ... be in Paris.
2.There’s an air traffic controllers’ strike, so we ... get the train.
3.We ... start till 10 because Gisela and Eva ... get there till then.
4.The Paris office has no rooms free, so we ... hire an outside meeting room.
5.Sales are not as good as we’d hoped. We ... look again at promotions.
6.To keep ahead of the market, we ... keep our prices down.
7.Just a minute! We ... keep our prices down aslow as they are forever!
8.Money’s a bit tight at the moment. We ... afford to buy new planes.
9.We ... continue leasing planes from the Philippines. They´re the cheapest!
10.We ... persuade the public that our planes are as safe as British Airways!

VI. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with will have to, won’t have to, will be able to, won’t be able to:
1.You ... help me because I can’t do it alone.
2.We ... spend a long time there. We can leave early if we want to.
3.You ... see her today. She’s away.
4.Computers ... do things much faster in the future.
5.You ... explain this again. Nobody has understood it.
6.People ... work in the future. Robots will do all the work.
7.I ... attend the meeting. I’ll be vising our supplier in Oslo.
8.I’m sorry, I ... finish the report today.
9.Sales are down. We ... launch an advertising campaign.
10.I don’t think he ... cope with the work. He’s got little experience.

VII. Complete the short dialogue choosing the correct variant.
Mr. Boka: I want to buy a car. Please give me some advice.
Mr. Gomez: OK. First of all, (1) ... a test to get a driver’s license. If you have a license, (2) ... drive a car. But (3) ... drive safely. You (4) ... buy an expensive car, especially if you (5) ... a lot of money.

1. (A) must you take(B) you must take(C) you must to take
2. (A) you can’t(B) you must(C) you can
3. (A) should you(B) you must not(C) you should
4. (A) don’t have to(B) don’t have(C) haven’t to
5. (A) don’t have got(B) have got(C) don’t have


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